Animal Shelter Software

Basic "Core" Modules

Multiple Options' Shelter Management System was designed from the ground up using a modular design approach. As a development company we continue to listen to our customers and constantly upgrade our software with new features and functionality that make your life easier and provide you with capabilities that were previously unattainable.

This is your software

Do things the way you want. Our system is highly customizable. All of our dropdowns, etc., are completely configurable by you. We also customize the forms and reports you want with your text, logos, layout, etc. Don't worry - these costs are spelled out for you up-front in every quotation.

Why pay for functionality you don't need

Although our software accommodates both Animal Control and Humane Societies, they do have different needs beyond the basics. For example, Animal Control will typically purchase the Dispatching and Licensing add-ons while Humane Societies tend to like Fund Raiser and Volunteer Management. Mix and match - but buy just what you need.

Build as you go along

Some folks like a modular, phased approach to implementing a new software system. There is no penalty for buying the basics now and adding new modules later.

Life is not static

Your needs change. Fortunately, so does our software. We always have new and exciting products in development. Some examples to look for in the very near future are; A Disaster Management moldule, a new Information Dashboard and many new solutions utilizing mobile device technology via the internet.

What's in the basic or "core" system?

Everyone needs the basic system. Unlike buying a car and then having the salesman ask "So ... would you like an engine with this vehicle?", the core provides a complete shelter solution. Here's what you get: (click headings for detailed information)

Known Persons Record

The Known Persons module stores person information. Any contact with the shelter will generate the person's sole record. Therafter, all activity for the person will automatically integrated with their record.

  • General Information - Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Language, E-Mail, etc.
  • Unlimited Addresses - Included integrated mapping, built-in geo-coder, and bulk mailing data as well as address history - click for details
  • Unlimited Identifiers
  • Demographic Information
  • Animal Information - Owned/Previously Owned
  • Foster Care History/Volunteer Hours Earned
  • Associations (Wife, neighbor, house-hold member, etc.)
  • Financial History - Quotations, Cash Receipts, Invoices
  • Adoptions/Surrenders (Owned and Not Owned)
  • Financial History (Quotations, Receipts, Invoices)
  • Notes - Unlimited, spell-checked, lockable, can be private
  • Media - Pictures, video, PDFs, sound, documents, etc.
  • Complaints - Involvement/Disposition Summaries
  • Citations
  • Convictions


All information is fully integrated with all other relevant modules. For example, if you would like to see the animal record of an animal that the person previously owned simply double-click. Same for adoptions, surrenders, complaints, convictions, associated persons, etc.

Additional Data.

Even more data is available with the purchase of additional modules.


  • Licenses (Current/Previous)
  • Permits
  • Follow-up (Integration with Follow-up module)
  • Hours Worked (Tree and Graphed)
  • Financial History
  • Assignments and Mandated Service
  • Training Received (with Certificate)
  • Categories (Adopter, Dangerous Dog Owner, Annual Giver, etc.)
  • Giving History
  • Membership Information

It's all in the details.

Our Person record is extremely comprehensive. Let's look at an address record, in detail, to illustrate the valuable information you can (not must) have available in our system.

Animal Record

The Animal Record module stores animal information. Any contact with the shelter will generate the animal's sole record. Therafter, all activity for the animal will automatically integrated with their record.

  • General Information - Location, Species/Breed(s), Coat, Color(s), Pattern, Markings, Tail, Name, Gender/Altered, Date of Birth, Age Group, Weight, etc.
  • Histories of Locations, Statuses, Pens, and Weights
  • Unlimited Owners/Guardians and their role (Current and Previous)
  • Unlimited Identifiers (can also print Microchip certificates)
  • Unlimited Intake Records (Includes):
    - Originator and Case #
    - Received Type and Date
    - Unlimited Intake Observations, e.g. Nursing w/o Mother, Socialized, Pregnant, etc.
    - Asilomar Data Collection
    - Hold Date (can be calculated based on your rules)
    - Adoptable Date
    - Stray Location (geo-coded)
    - Unlimited types of Cage Cards and Plackards
    - Owner and Stray Surrender Forms
    - Impound Letter
    - Animal Grouping
    - Duplicate Function to speed entry of litters, etc.
    - Disposition Information
    - Return to Owner Form
    - Discharge Notes
    - Foster Care Management/History
    - and more!
  • Custody Record for Non-Intake Animals
  • Visit Record for Clinic Visits, etc.
  • Medical Information
    - Spay/Neuter information with certificates and over-due letter as well as integration with the Follow-up system
    - Vaccination History with auto generation Next Due record and integration with the Follow-up System plus Vaccination Certificates
    - Unlimited Medical Assessments with dates, employee, and notes information. (Click the example image)
    - Comprehensive Medical Record for Services and Treatments that includes automatic integration with Inventory and Cash Receipts
    - Detailed Health Status Exam with conclusion and report
  • Unlimited Custom Forms/Letters, e.g. Vouchers, Consent forms, etc.
  • Detailed Behavior Assessment with conclusion and report
    (Click the example image)BehaviourAssessment
  • Domestic evaluation to record animal attributes like "Good with Children", "Housebroken", etc.
  • Notes - Unlimited, spell-checked, lockable, can be private
  • Media AnimalImaging
    • - Pictures
    • - Videos
    • - PDFs
    • - Sound Recordings
    • - Attachments
    • - Scanned Documents
    • - and more!
  • Legal Information including:
    - Liability and Selected Breed Registration Support
    - Potentially Dangerous and Dangerous Dog info and letters
    - Complaints
    - Citations
  • Waiting List for Adoption Requests
  • Quarantine and Bite Information with Printouts
  • Rabies Certificate Data and Output
  • Complete Record Hardcopy
  • Animal Record Only (for Microchip Registrations, etc.)


Additional Data.

Even more data is available with the purchase of additional modules.


  • Licenses (Current/Previous)
  •, uploading
  • Euthanasia Review
  • Image Acquisition


Imagine processing an adoption in about 2 minutes!
With this module YOU CAN!


  • Make Informed Decisions - Upon specifying the adopter, the system will automatically inform your staff if the person has had their adoption priviledges suspended or revoked. It will also display their prior adoption, surrender, complaint, and convicion histories allowing you to make informed decisions as to adopting to this person or not. No Adopt

  • Forms Packages - Create your own packages of forms based on the type of adoption you are processing. Have a package for "Dogs" and a package of different forms for "Puppies". You could include a hand-out instructing the Adopter in housebreaking puppies in the puppy package for example. Maybe you would like packages containing your documents in other languages like Spanish or French. Imagine how many mistakes like omitted forms will be eliminated by this feature.

  • Customized Forms - Your logos and heading, your verbiage. Forms that are "intelligent", e.g. if you have a spay/neuter due date in the animal's record it can be specified in the contract - no date - sentence.

  • Follow-up System Integration - With a single click create a reminder to call an adopter or perform a site visit.

  • HillsScienceDietLogo
  • Hill's Science Diet Integration - With this optional module the system will automatically ask if your Adopter would like to Opt-In to the Hill's Science Diet program. If so it will validate the Adopter's information, like e-mail address, etc. and retrieve all of the relevant person and animal information and collect the Science Diet data so you don't have to. At any time you can export your Science Diet compliant data for upload to Hill's.

    The provided performance report (pictured below) will let you know how you are doing meeting your Hill's obligations.


Cash Receipts

The Cash Receipts module allows you to generate Cash Receipts, Quotations and Invoices. You can generate receipts from the animal record, adoptions, licensing and other modules. The system will also notify you if any open receipts are available for the person you are working with so you can add to a open receipt or start a new one. Here are some of the highlights of this module:


Dual-entry accounting - reversing entry requiredReversing Entry Button

Audit trail

Lock down - Once a receipt is printed it can not be altered or deleted - a reversing entry can be created to correct the receipt while maintaining a ful audit trail.

Cash Receipt Packages - Speeds entry of commonly used accounts.Cash Receipts Packages

Signatures - Turn your receipts into a contract.

Default comments, notes.

Cash Drawer Support - "Drawer Open" forces cashier to close the drawer to continue and drawer logs record "drawer open" durations. Cash Drawer Is Open Message

Payment methods

Quotations, Receipts, Invoices

Open Receipts



The Complaints module stores all of your "Calls for Service".

  • General Information - Incident Date/Time, Type of Complaint, Incident Location, etc.
  • Narratives - Unlimited narratives, 11,000 pages of text per narrative, with spell checker.
    Narratives can be optionally locked or made private.
  • Persons - Unlimited people can be associated with each complaint along with involvement and relationship types. Telephone tracking for callers (anonymous or otherwise) can identify persons and display phone number based activity.
  • Animals - Unlimited animals can be associated with each call.
  • Dispositions - Record what was done on each call and who did it in a way that is statisically reportable.
  • Citations - Unlimited citations with offense and court information
  • Follow-up - Fully intgrated with the Follow-up system to manage appointments, phone call, etc.
  • Call-back Requests
  • Correspondence - Unlimited convenience forms can be added for on-demand printing
    - Barking Dog Letter, Dog at Large, etc.
    - Versions in different languages like Spanish or French.
  • Dispatch History
  • Mapping - Includes integrated mapping and built-in geo-coder.
  • Media - Pictures, video, PDFs, sound, scanned documents
    - Allows you to record abuse, neglect, witness narratives, etc.


Optional modules/integration

  • Dispatching - Can be used as a call center to selectively dispatch calls
  • Livestock Attacks
  • Motorola 311 Integration (Oracle interface supported)



Use this module to record any convictions you are aware of. All activity, such as domestic violence, as well as animal related issues, can be stored. This information is summarized in each persons record and automatically displayed during information critical tasks like processing an adoption.

Follow-up System

Follow-up ReviewThe Follow-up module is a reminder system that can store all of your appointments, telephone calls you need to make, etc. You can view your reminders in summary or detail views, by day, month, or any other date range. You can create reminders for individuals or role-based groups. Hide completed reminders if desired as well.


The Follow-up System is fully integrated with many of the other modules of the shelter manangement system. Create a follow-up for a vaccination, spay/neuter, pre-adoption home visit, medical issue, or compliance directive with the click of a button. Need to call an owner regarding a spay/neuter? The system knows you are making a call, knows who the owner is, and knows what the call is regarding - it can create your reminder with a single click. It will even lookup the owner's phone number automatically! You are making a telephone follow-up right? It figured you could use the phone numbers.


Click this image to view an example screen shot of a follow-up created for a Create Follow-upspay/neuter follow-up using auto-create.


The follow-up system can even notify you that you have reminders for today and bring you to the follow-up module with your records filtered for review, if desired. Follow-up reports can also be printed for your convenience.



  • Appointments, Telephone calls, E-mails, Misc. Tasks
  • View by Day, Month, Date Range, and Person/Group
  • Detail and Summary Views (Sortable)
  • Individual or Role-based Groups
  • Hide Completed
  • Common Reminders have Auto-Create
  • Follow-up for Today Notification
  • Reports

Lost Animals

We borrowed technology from our Medical Information Systems software division to build our lost modules animal matching inference engine.

Proximity mapping, fuzzy logic, and truth tables power this module.

To process a lost animal simply enter the lost animals basic information along with any identifiers, like microchips, and let the software do the work for you.

An ordered candidate list will appear showing excellent matches, good matches, and finally animals that you should review. Like the wanted module, the lost module works in both directions - from Lost check your stray inventory and found animal reports, from the animal record you can see if anyone is looking for this animal.



Lost Animals - Proximity Map

  • Proximity mapping with imaging
  • Uses artificial intelligence to match animals
  • Works for shelter animals and found reports
  • Ordered candidate lists allow you to review all relevant matches
  • Can look for matches from the Lost Module or from the Animal module
  • Can print customized flyers
  • Reports can be automatically closed after a specified period
Lost Animals - Flyer


Wanted Animals

This module records "general" requests to adopt your animals.

For example, someone may ask to be notified when a German Shepherd becomes available for adoption.

From the Lost module you can check to see if any German Shepherds are available, and conversley, from the animal record, you can check to see if anyone is looking for a German Shepherd.



  • Gets animals adopted by automating animal requests
  • Can look for matches from the Wanted Module or from the Animal module
  • Requests can be automatically closed after a specified period





  • Transaction-based Inventory. (Maintains Full Audit Trail and History)
  • UPC Code Database LookupBarcode Scanner
  • Saleable Items
    • - Taxable Items
    • - Calculated Dispensing Fee
    • - Mark-up
    • - Price tags (Bar-codable)
  • Controlled Substances
    • - Logging and Reporting
    • - Prescription Label
    • - Default Prescription Directions
  • Expired Item Tracking (Multiple Locations Supported)
  • Lotted Items
  • Serialized Items
  • Reorder Reports (based on Minimum Inventory quantities)
  • Distribution Point Tracking
  • Fully Integrated and Automated with:
    • - Cash Receipts
    • - Medical
  • Physical and other inventory reports included


This modules stores your veterinarian and clinic data. It includes information regarding the veterinarian's and/or clinics address, telephone numbers, contacts, location, directions, etc. It is records if they participate in your program.


  • Stores Veterinarian/Clinic Information
  • Program Participation Checkbox
  • Mapping included for generating directions


Report Manager

Fast and easy interface to our reports. The basic system comes with over 200 reports.


Administration - List Manager, Shelter Statistics

You have control. Almost ALL of the drop-down lists can be edited by you. You also have access to forms which affect the behaviour of the program.

For example, how image acquisition works or the parameters for the licensing program, etc.

Integrated Mapping with Google Maps

Addresses can be geo-coded and mapped with Google Maps with the click of a button. All of the great features of google maps are available right from our program. You can get directions, switch from map to satellite view, and even use street view, where available.


  • Uses Google Maps
  • Able to Geo-Code Addresses (Geo-Code An Address Now)
  • Get Directions (Automatically from Shelter)
  • Can Adjust Location to within feet
  • Satellite, Map, Terrain, and other views
  • Street View (where available)
  • Searchs (near, etc.)
  • All features of google maps


Built-In Geo-Coding

Convert your addresses to latitude and longitude coordinates with a click of a button. Using our adjust location feature you can refine your location to within a few feet. Once geo-coded, your locations can be mapped using google maps. Directions from your facility can also be requested.


Geo-Code An Address


Additionally, your data can then be used to create push-pin, shaded area, and depth maps, to name a few, using our Advanced Mapping module.

Document Management System

Selected forms can be saved to our built-in document management system. For example, printing an "Adoption Contract" or "Bad Check Letter" will automatically save an exact copy to the appropriate module's media section. If you have the optional Signature Capture System, the signed form will be saved. Once saved it is accessible from any station. It can be viewed, exported to another program like Microsoft Word, e-mailed, or printed.

Using this module along with the Signature Capture System you can achieve a virtually "paperless" office. No more needless printing, filing, and storing of documents. You can also eliminate the expense of the associated paper and consumables like ink or toner. No "one" person will have a copy of a needed document now and "lost" documents will be a thing of the past. Documents are available from any station or even remotely.



  • Automatically saves exact copy of selected documents
  • Documents are never lost or inaccessible
  • View, print, email, or export documents
  • Eliminates printing, filing, and storing of documents
    along with the associated paper, consumables, and expense
  • Optional Signature Capture System available
    for a truly "paperless" office


What optional modules are available?

Here are the optional modules we currently offer. Stop back often as this list is always growing. Multiple Options is first and foremost a development company. We listen to our customers and are constantly building solutions to meet your needs. We are always willing to change the program by adding new features or functionality.

Accounts Receivable


A full featured modern Accounts Receivable system.


  • Invoices - with Terms
  • Late Fees - with customizable Business Rules
  • Recurring Invoices / Billing
  • Review for Collections
  • Collections Export - to Collection Agency
  • Payments - Balance Forward or Open Item
  • Statements
  • Aging Reports
  • All Information Summarized in Known Persons Record

Adopt-A-Pet Support

Adopt-A-Pet Logo

With the purchase of this module animal records can be flagged for upload to the Adopt-A-Pet website for adoption. An adoption image as well as Adopt-A-Pet specific attributes and characteristics can be specified for posting on the adoption ad. Once the animal has been adopted or otherwise made unavailable, the posting will automatically be removed.


  • Automatic uploads
  • Field mapping provided
  • Animals automatically removed after final disposition is posted

Advanced Animal Search Module

Scenario 1:

A call comes in about a young child being bitten by a small tan dog. The officer enters the incident location and asks to map and display any "toy" dogs in the "blonde" color group that we are aware of.

1. Enter Criteria:
Advanced Animal Search Criteria

2. The system returns:
Advanced Animal Search Criteria

Scenario 2:

A black lab runs across the street in front of an officer.
Hey, who owns a black lab around here?

You get the idea ...

Advanced Charting


Advanced Mapping

Microsoft MapPoint integration is provided in the core shelter management module. Addresses can be mapped automatically. The Advanced Mapping and Charting module provides an addition level of support. A host of reports regarding Adoptions, Complaints, Intakes, Dispositions, Euthanasia, etc. are provided in a graphical and geographical form. Here's an example of Intakes by Zip Code.

Intakes By Zip Code

Another example is our Man-Power Assessment map, which will plot call for service during a specified period geographically. Zip codes that originated more calls for service are displayed with darker colors than area with less calls. The purpose of this map is to distribute Animal Control Officers according to where they have been historically needed.

Manposwer Assessment Map

Another interesting map is of stray cats that were unaltered at the time of intake and not socialized. or in other words, your feral cat colonies.

Cats Unaltered at time of Intake

Animal Transfers Module


Complaints Texting

Envelope With this enhancement you are able to text call information directly to an officer's smart phone. A link to a google map of the incident location is also sent. You can get directions and even use street view, if desired.

Complaint Text Complaint Text Map

Daily Observations


Disaster Management

This module has 3 primary functions:

1. It tracks and manages the personnel and equipment you have deployed to the field.

2. It can quickly and easily log, identifiy, and track the animals that you recover.

3. It uses sophisticated tools to bring animals and owners back together again.



  • Equipment Lists
  • Personnel Tracking
  • Streamlined Animal Record Creation
  • Return to Owner via artificial intelligence, proximetry mapping,
    and "line-up" type imaging.



Designed specifically for Animal Control, this module makes managing field operations a breeze.

Dispatch Map

  • Provides an initial data collection front-end to the Complaints module.
  • Manages the dispatching of Animal Control Officers and records information regarding Received, Dispatched, Arrived, and Cleared times.
  • Saves unlimited Narratives, Persons Involved, Associated Animals, Employees and Dispositions as well as Follow-up and Contact History.
  • Reporting capabilities include comprehensive activity reports by Activity Type and/or Employee.
  • Full integration with Google Maps, including routing and status is also provided.
  • Map open calls, help officers find addresses, route efficiently by optimizing stops. Determine en-route distances and times.

  • Automatically displays previous call history, residents, animals, and any potential dangers for each address

Dispatch Metrics

Complaints Texting

Information regarding donor giving history is managed by this module. Known Person’s Record - Giving History Statistics – Lifetime and Current Year Total donations, average donation, largest and smallest donation Rank out of all other donors (count) Last donation, days since last donation, last year total. Donations Detail Giving History Chart Yearly Ranking Giving History letter Cash Receipt Support • Honorariums – Human and Pet • Memorials – Human and Pet • Financial Thank You Letters Reports • All Years Donations Summary • Donations by Date Range Chart • Donations Detail Report • "Top ""N"" Donor for a Range of Dates"

Driver's License Support

This is a "must have" module.

Driver's License Lookup

Create a person record in seconds without typing!

Driver's License Sample

Scanning the barcode on the back of a US or Canadian driver's License will allow you to search for the person's record without having to type any search information.

If the driver's license number is found, the person's record will be instantly displayed.

If the license is not found, the system will show you candidates that have similiar names and/or have a similiar address. Even the person's picture is shown in the result list.

If that does find your person, you can ask the system to add any missing data, e.g. date of birth, etc.

The driver's license will be added as an Identifer automatically.

If your person is not in the candidate list you can add all of their information to create a new record with a single click.

Data extracted from the Driver's License Scan:

  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • (Sort/Search Name created)
    Address is parsed into:
  • Street Number
  • Street Direction
  • Street Name
  • Street Suffix
  • Street Direction 2
  • Address Line 2
  • City
  • State (Province)
  • Zip Code (Postal Code)
  • Country
  • Current address box is checked
    Address is Geo-Coded into:
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • (Person ID is added)
  • Driver's License ID is added
  • Date of Birth (Age also calculated)
  • Gender
  • Letter Name created
  • Letter Salutation created
  • Height
  • Weight

E-Mail Management


Euthanasia Review

Although the basic system is fully capable of documenting each euthanasia and later providing statistical reporting of those euthanasia events, it is the Euthanasia Review module that manages the process of euthanasia. Once a review is requested for a companion animal, a customizable list of tasks is automatically generated.


Rules are defined which determine who must electronically sign to authorize the euthanasia. Managers that are satisfied that the task list has been completed properly can authorize the euthanasia with their electronic signatures. After the euthanasia has been performed, the event is recorded and drug inventory can be relieved directly from in the animal’s record. Complete controlled substance audit trails are maintained and can be displayed on demand via the inventory module or through printed reports.




  • Due-Diligence package
  • Demonstrates the effort you make NOT to euthanize animals
  • Checks and balances reduce needless euthanasias
  • Task List ensures your policy is being adhered to
  • Electronic signatures are required from the approriate persons before authorization is approved
  • Drug inventory managed from poit of service
  • Reports document activity and statistics

Food Bank Module

Reduce Owner Surrenders and Increase Spay/Neuters

This module allows you to setup a benefit record for owners to provide them with food and other assistance.

Food Bank Benefit Record

  • Business rules can be entered to determine number of visits, animals allowed, etc.
  • Keeps animals with owners and out of the shelter
  • Many communities require altering of pets to continue benefits
  • Reduces euthanasia rate

Custom contract provided

Food Bank Contract

  • Reports are provided that demonstrate the contribution you have made to the community

Fund Raising


Hill's Science Diet Support

Hill's Science DietWith this module the system will automatically ask adopters if they would like to opt-in to the Hill's Science Diet program. If so it will validate the adopter's information, like e-mail address, etc. and retrieve all of the relevant person and animal information and collect the Science Diet data so you don't have to. At any time you can export your Science Diet compliant data for upload to Hill's. Provided reports will let you know how you are doing meeting your Hill's obligations.



  • Prompted/automated data collection
  • Data validated for completeness
  • Export file created to Hill's specification
  • Export can be created/recreated for any data range at anytime
  • Performance report let you know if you are meeting your obligation

Email Prompt

Hills Science Diet Opt In Prompt

Hills SciencePerformance Report























Image Acquisition

The Image Acquisition System makes storing and associating images with each nimal's record fast and easy. Batch processing of images no longer require searching for each animal's record and then associating the pictures. With this module you can process animals by shelter area and/or species. Process all of the Dogs in Receiving for example. The software will name, sequence series of images, size, and store them according to you specifications - all automatically. This module is also accessible directly from an animal's record for processing individual animals.



  • Batch Mode
  • Individual Record Mode
  • Point and Click Interface
  • Image Editing - Crop, Rotate
  • TWAIN interface to scanner
  • Automatic naming and sequencing
  • Resize - Conditionally, Threshold Based, Prompted
  • "Remembers" where you acquire and store images by default
  • Can Process by "Shelter Area" and/or "Species"


Information Dashboard


Kennel Management

The primary purpose of this module is to provide shelter management with graphical information regarding kennel capacity and utilization in both summary and detail forms. Block diagrams of kennel areas represent pens and are color-coded to show each pen's status; Available, Occupied, Reserved, or Out of Service as well as animals flagged as "Caution" or "Isolate". Kennel Mgt Pen Legend

Selecting a pen will display the animal(s) in that pen, selecting an animal will display detailed information on and any images of the animal. Summarized information includes current capacity percentages and current inventory by animal type. Supporting functions include pen history by animal and pen and disease tracking throughout the facility.

Known Persons Record Management

Remove Duplicates and Bad Records

This module allows you to step through ALL of your known person records looking for potential duplicates and bad records. 

Medical Services Packages

Finds Potential Matches Automatically

  • Box 1 shows potential name and address matches
  • Box 2 shows potential name matches using soundex
  • Box 3 shows potential address by street matches


  • Filter by first letter of Last Name to work on a section at a time
  • BOOKMARK - saves where you left off
  • SEEK - allows you to jump to a person
  • DELETE - removes bad records entirely
  • JOIN - merges selected records into ONE comprehensive record


License Management

Send Applications

  • Rabies vaccinated animals without licenses can be sent an application automatically
  • Second application notices can also be sent and tracked as well
  • Applications can be sent via email with optional email module

Send Renewal Notices

  • First and Second Renewal Notices
  • User configurable renewal rules
  • Optional Labels
  • Can export to renewal to a file (.csv, .txt, excel, etc.) for commercial printing
  • Renewal notices can be sent via email with optional email module

Citation Pending List

  • A citation pending map can be displayed to allow officers to efficiently visit owners in the same geographic area.

Web Developer's Toolkit - Licensing

Licensing Process

Licensing Process

Licensing - Multi-License Renewal


Licensing/Dispatching - Citations Pending


Livestock Attacks


Medical Services Packages


This feature allows the medical staff to put together “packages” of common services that can be selected as a group to speed data entry.

Medical Services Packages


This module allow you to sell different types of memberships. You are able to manage the expiration and status of these memberships and print renewal notices and proofs of membership.

Multi-Animal Intake

Fast and Easy Intakes of Groups of Animals

This module allows you quickly enter litters or groups of animals like mice, etc. 


Medical Services Packages


  • Enter general intake information once
  • Copy down then edit groups of animals
  • Choose between all animals on one cage card or individual cards
  • Image Acquisition Integration
  • Surrender form lists all animals
  • All animals on one cash receipt

Permit Management


Petfinder Support

Petfinder LogoWith the purchase of this module animal records can be flagged for upload to the PetFinder website for adoption. An adoption image as well as Petfinder specific attributes and characteristics can be specified for posting on the adoption ad. Once the animal has been adopted or otherwise made unavailable, the posting will automatically be removed.



  • Automatic uploads
  • Field mapping provided
  • Animals automatically removed after final disposition is posted

Signature Capture

Eliminate paper, consumables, and storage space requirements! Stop losing documents.

Using inexpensive signature pads this module will allow you to capture signatures on your forms and automatically store them in the included document management system.



  • Documents can be reviewed from any station - even remotely
  • Documents can be printed and/or emailed


Signature Pad

Surgery Scheduler

Resource Allocation

Physician's Working

Number of Dog Spays, Dog Neuter's, Cat Spays, Cat Neuters, Rabbits, and Pigs that can be performed during a single day. As each appointment of a service type is added to a day the available appointments are decremented from the pool.

Trap Management

The Trap Management System is comprised of the three following components.


  • Trap InventoryTrap
  • Waiting List
  • Transactions



  • Inventory
  • Waiting List (Can be prioritized)
  • Calculates Fees and Return Dates
  • Print Trap Agreements


Vehicle Maintenance


Volunteer Management


Web Developer's Toolkits


This toolkit allows your web developer to add all of your adoptable animals to your website and then add your own sites interface. All stored procedures and ASP.NET pages are provided. (Click to view example site)



Public searches from license tag - returns Owner's first name and telephone.

Renew licenses via web.

Mobile License Inquiry