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New Modules...

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Canadian Version

Addresses use Provinces and Postal Codes, etc.
Even the Driver's License Support module can process Canadian barcodes.

New Pricing Model

New Version...8.0

New optional look and feel!

Version 7.x.x

Even MORE features and functionality!

Version 6.x.x


Code-named "Lighting".

(Note: We have never "code-named" anything before!)

This version is FAST!

Customers with million record tables are creating reports in seconds not minutes. Standard searches return results almost instantaneouly!



Access 2010+ Compatible Versions

Microsoft Access 2010, 2013, and 2016 compatible versions of our Shelter Management System have been released. Now featuring PDF support in the Document Managment System, a new Dispatching model, and more.

Hill's Science Diet Support

Hill's Science DietWith this optional module the system will automatically ask if your Adopter would like to Opt-In to the Hill's Science Diet program. HillsScienceDietPrompt


If so it will validate the Adopter's information, like e-mail address, etc. and retrieve all of the relevant person and animal information and collect the Science Diet data so you don't have to.


At any time you can export your Science Diet compliant data for upload to Hill's.


The provided performance report (pictured below) will let you know how you are doing meeting your Hill's obligations.


Image Acquisition System - Version 2.0

The Image Acquisition System is now available directly from an Animal's record. Perfect for updating individual animals.


ImageWorks© X-Ray InterfaceImageWorksLogo


Some images copyright ImageWorks.

This interface module allows you to import x-ray images and their associated information directly into the animals record from the ImageWorks station. Unlimited images can be associated with each animal along with the date, operator, chart type and position etc. of each x-ray.

Multi-lingual Versions

Multiple Options' Shelter Management System is now available in German.

Spanish is soon to follow.

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