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Customization / Programming Services


We are willing to change our program to meet your unique needs.


Your needs change. Fortunately, so does our software. We always have new and exciting products in development. Some examples to look for in the very near future are; A Disaster Management moldule, a new Information Dashboard and many new solutions utilizing mobile device technology via the internet.


We offer other Programming Services...


Use the built-in geo-coder to assign latitiude and longitude data to your addresses.

(Geo-Code and Map An Address Now)

Data Conversions - You won't Lose Your Current Data

Time to move up? Don't wory about all that data you have in your current program.

We currently offer conversions of the following legacy shelter programs:


Other data conversions are available on a case-by-case basis.

Subscription Service

Off-site (Telephone/Dial-up/Internet), Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm, technical support for one year and free upgrades for one year on all purchased modules.


1-5 Stations

6+ Stations

15% of software investment.

15% of software investment.
($2,500.00 minimum)


On-site and on-line training are both available.

Report Request Form


Submit your report request using this form.

We need to know three things to create the report you want.


1. Selection Criteria Selection Criteria

How would you like to choose the records for your report?
By date range, by intake, or animal type?

Here's an example: Report Interface

2. Report Content - What columns and rows would you like on the report?
3. Sorting and Grouping Sorting and Grouping

How would you like to sort your records?
What about Groups, Sub-Totals, or Summaries?
Here's an example: Report Interface


Address Line 1
Address Line 2
ZIP Code
Selection Criteria
Report Content

Sorting and