Animal Shelter Software

Known Person Address Example

Unlimited Addresses

Some programs can only store a "home" and maybe a "work" address. Our system allows you to store unlimited addresses for each person. That means you can know where a person lives, but can send their license renewal notice to their mailing address.

Retain Previous Addresses

You can also retain all of a complete address history for each person.

Where is that? How do I get there?

See your location on Google Maps. All views including Satellite and Road view are available as well as Street view. Get direction to and from the shelter with a single mouse click.

Built-In Geo-Coder

Mapping of location data is made possible using our built-in Geo-Coder which can determine the latitude and longitude of an address.

(Geo-Code An Address Now)

Bulk Mailing

Delivery Point, Carrier Route, and CASS data help save postage and get mail there faster.

Powerful Searching

Addresses are separated into their component parts to enable searching by street name and other partial matches or exact address matches.

  1. Street Number
  2. Street Direction (Prefix)
  3. Street Name
  4. Street Suffix
  5. Street Direction (Postfix)
  6. Address Line 2 - for Apartment numbers, etc.
  7. Mapping - (see below)
  8. Current or Previous Address
  9. City
  10. State
  11. Zip Code - can accomodate zip +4
    (Click on the triangle in the corner and see what the weather is like in that zip code)
  12. Area - Beat, Area of Responsibility (for Dispatching)
  13. Township
  14. Jurisdiction
  15. Type - Home, Work, Phyical, Mailing, Moved - No Forwarding, Previous, etc.
  16. Mailing List - Permission to contact via mail
  17. Country - Will also accept Canadian addresses in their proper format.Canadian Flag USA Flag
    (will automatically switch to Province and Postal Code)
  18. Latitude and Longitude - Can be found by Geo-Coder 21
    and used for mapping of data, proximity searches, etc.
  19. Delivery Point information
    CRRT - Carrier Route Encoding (for Bulk Mailing discounts)
  20. CASS - Coding Accuracy Support System
    (Also used for bulk mailing)
  21. Geo-Coder - Our built-in geo-coder can save you thousands of dollars in data processing fees. Geo-coders determine the latitude and longitude of an address.
    Use Adjust Location to visually fine-tune the latitude/longitude to within feet of it's actual location.
  22. Date Range

Built-In Mapping