Animal Shelter Software

Increase revenue, descrease expenses, manage your cash, generate reports and much more!

Increase Adoptions
Increase Adoptions

Our wanted animal module, waiting list, web developers toolkit for adoptions and automatic management of sites like Petfinder and get animals adopted fast!

Minimize Euthanizing Animals
Reduce Euthanasias

Euthanasia Review, Lost animal matching, increased adoptions, and increased license compliance all help to reduce avoidable euthanasias.

Increase RTOs
Increase RTOs

Artifical Intelligence based or ID matching compares lost animals to your recovered animals from your current inventory and found reports.

Guides and Directs

License renewals are automatically cancelled for expired animals. Disposed aninmals are automatically removed from Petfinder, etc.

Volunteers Relevant Information
Volunteers Relevant Information

Relevant information is automatically displayed for the task you are performing.

Lost Animals Proximity Map
World-Class Tools

Takes full advantage of all the processing power a modern computer offers.


Multiple Options has been an application developer providing computer based solutions since 1981. Our Animal Shelter Management System program was released in 1999. We have been listening to our customers and responding to their needs with innovative solutions ever since.

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